What i want?

What i want,what i have,what i will have and what i will beGET OUT OF MY HEAD.PLEASE!There isn’t nothing for you else,please just go away.But when you are gone,i feel awkward.You don’t MISS ME,but i want to be with you,and also when i’m with you i want to leave you,to go away.You are boring,you are special to me.I want just one thing.You don’t have to be with me,but don’t be with her.Just not her,or any other girl.If you want to be with someone,be with someone prettier.I know beauty isn’t everything.But not with her.I tryed so hard to stay good with you,but now we are just a people who will hate each other.I’m guilty.But so you are.You should have say some things to me/You should’ve be good,we should go out together.Not with her.She must be just a friend.We aren’t friends.You know that,you are just afraid of us.And if you be with her,i will know it is because you are scared of me.I don’t give a f*** what people say.I know you like me.I know you are in love with me.I can see in your eyes,i can see you want to say something but you can’t.I know you think i’m mad.Yes i am.I,sometimes,i think,that,maybe,we aren’t meant to be.I think you won’t ever KNOW what you feel about me.About us.I was scared of us,but i think,do you need me?Do i need you?You,without feelings,like asexual person.If you want to be with her and talk about movies,go ahead.But you’ll never EVER had that chemistry like with me.Never,and i mean it.Just a few weeks and you officially lost me.Just send the message,just bea  man.You will lost me.I don’t want that.I don’t want to be apart,i want us,but you,you.I don’t know.I’m really tired.MORE THAN MONTHS.I i’m in love with you,i don’t know if i love you.I want to leave me,i want to leave everything and don’t be with her.If you be,i will be so mad and sad.I will hate you,and her too.Just don’t be.Porfavor.

Do you need me?Yes.Do i need you?


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