Confessions of a Shopaholic

O LA LA LA LA LA.I LOVED THIS MOVIE.I watched it like 2 years ago.Also i read book.It’s fantastic.I liked so much,but then i was 14,15 years old.Hugh Dancy(OMD he’s sooooo cute  my type of a guy) and Isla Fisher(i think that’s her name)is also cute and quite simpatic.(I use a lot word quite (it is kinda boring,ashhh)).You should watch this movie,it’s summer,you DESERVE to relax(AHAHAHHA i remember Rose’s line in Friends when he put his shirt and his shirt is sooo small,i should post that video in my future posts).Back on the theme.Also there is a book-writer:Sophie Kinsella

i think there is 5 books


so cute cover,don’t you think so?

I think that’s all. :pppppp Love ya guys.Stay classy and GET OUTSIDE,IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL HERE.


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