Star necklace DIY (I’m back)

Do-It-Yourself: DIY Tassel Earrings


what you need


– A plain gold colored necklace with fairly large links – Four colors of nail polish that you like together
– White nail polish
– Roughly 100 gold-colored star charms in an assortment of sizes, which can be found at jewelry stores or online. – Roughly 100 gold-colored o-rings
– Needle nose pliers
– A few disposable plastic platesDo-It-Yourself: DIY Star Necklace

Paint stars white

Lay out all of the metal stars on one of the disposable plates, and start painting them all white. Painting them white will help the other colors stand out.Do-It-Yourself: DIY Star Necklace

Paint stars with colorful polish

Once the white paint coat is dry, use your other nail polish colors to start painting the stars. Try and paint roughly the same number of stars each color, mixing the star sizes, and allow the paint to dry. For a super-opaque finish, paint two coats.Do-It-Yourself: DIY Star Necklace

Open o-rings

Grab an o-ring, and use the needle nose pliers to gently open the ring.Do-It-Yourself: DIY Star Necklace

Loop o-ring through charm

Take one of the painted stars, and slip the open side of the o-ring through the loop at the top of the charm.Do-It-Yourself: DIY Star Necklace

Fasten charms on necklace chain

Fold the necklace in half to find the center point, and slip the o-ring through one of the links in the center of the necklace. You’ll be adding charms from the center point out on the necklace. Use the needle nose pliers to gently close the o-ring.Do-It-Yourself: DIY Star Necklace

Continue adding stars to necklace

Continue the process adding stars to the chain, working your way from the center of the chain, out, adding stars at random. You want a mix of colors and sizes.Do-It-Yourself: DIY Star Necklace

The finished necklace

Once you’ve added as many stars as you want, you’re done!





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  1. Askmystyle
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 16:31:05

    Love your blog and have nominated you for a “Beautiful Blogger Award”. Xo


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